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Beaverton Schools

Academic Support

​If a student is struggling in class(s), the first step is for the student to talk with the teacher. It may also be helpful for your student to set up an appointment as needed. Counselors can also help set up meetings.

Academic Supports:

Student studying in the Media Center

Apollo Rise(Per 2) - Apollo Rise is designed to support students by allowing students the opportunity to access a variety of academic help during 2nd period. Students are assigned to a teacher who takes attendance. The first 30 minutes of the period is considered homeroom where students complete their CIS (Career Information System) requirements and participate in #SunsetReads. Then students may check out of their classroom to see one of their teachers, go to the library, print at a computer lab, go to peer tutoring, etc. Access tutorial is a school wide study hall with academic support. We hope your child takes advantage of this opportunity. 

Tutoring by NHS students

Tutoring provided by National Honor Society students

Peer Tutors

Tutoring by National Honor Society students takes place during Apollo Rise sessions where movement is permitted (typically every day except Wednesday).
All peer tutoring takes place in the Lower Commons.

Homework Club

Every Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Media Center, Homework Club is available for any student who needs additional assistance completing their schoolwork. Two Homework Club teachers are available as well as drop in visits from Grad Mentors, classroom teachers, and the Library and Instructional Technology Teacher.

Homework club meets from 2:30-4:30pm in the Media Center every Tuesday and Thursday. A light snack is given to all participants. Homework club is open to all. Bus tickets home may be available for those who do not have access to activity busses.

Additional Resources

Struggling with Test Taking?     

Credit Recovery Options 

Speak with your counselor prior to registering for credit recovery courses otherwise they may not be transcripted