Sunset High School Attendance Procedures

When a student is absent the entire day:


-Students are not allowed to excuse themselves.

-Parent/guardian must call the Attendance Hotline at (503) 356-2961 --- Do Not Call for Late Arrivals

-Absences not reported the same day must be appealed.

     Have the following information to report:

            -Student's full name (please spell uncommon names)

            -Student's six-digit student I.D. number

            -Your name and relationship to student (mom, guardian, etc.)

            -Reason for absence (from the list below)


                        -Medical appointment

                        -Family Emergency

                        -Death in the immediate family

                        -Pre-arranged absence

                        -Religious holiday

                        -School sponsored field trip

                        -Administrative reason

When a student arrives to school late:


-Please DO NOT CALL the Attendance Hotline for late arrival or early release!

-For excused tardies, student delivers a note from parent/guardian to the attendance office upon arrival.  The note should indicate the reason for the tardy.

-For unexcused tardies, student goes directly to class.  A note is not necessary.

When a student needs to leave school early:


-A parent or guardian provides the student with a note including the time of departure.

-Student brings the note to the attendance office.

-Student then receives a pass to show their teacher and may leave campus at the designated time.