Chromebook Information

The Beaverton School District is excited to bring innovation into the classroom. Chromebooks are one of the many selected student devices to help prepare students to be Future Ready.  At the beginning of each school year, all Sunset students in grades 9 - 12 are automatically enrolled in the District's Chromebook Damage/Loss Protection Program.

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Chromebook Damage/Loss Summary

PROTECTION PROGRAM COVERAGE - The cost is $20 per year and provides limited coverage should incidents occur that damage the chromebook. Intentional or neglectful damage is not covered and will be counted as an incident. Students/families may opt to not pay the insurance but they are liable for all damage to the chromebook. Note: BSD chromebooks are under Acer warranty and may not be repaired by individuals or 3rd party repair shops as this will violate warranty terms.

This program covers the Chromebook loaned to the student against all accidental damage, theft,vandalism, or loss for one (1) school year.

  • This program does NOT cover intentional misuse, abuse, or neglect by any household members.

  • If the student does not exercise proper care, as described in the Student Family Handbook, and this negligence results in damage to or loss of the Chromebook, the cost of the repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the student. Fines are assessed according to type and total number of incidents. Either loss or damage counts as one incident.

  • This program does NOT cover loss of the Chromebook charger cord. Lost or damaged charger cords are not covered by this program. The charge for a replacement cord is $15. Refunds will not be issued for lost and found Chromebook cords.

DAMAGE: If the Chromebook is accidentally damaged or vandalized, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the student or family. Subsequent damage to the Chromebook after the first documented incident will result in the following charges:

  • Second incident, if damaged: Student will be charged $50

  • Third incident and beyond, if damaged: Student will be charged $100

Note: An “incident” occurs when it is assessed that proper care was not taken by the student to prevent significant damage from occurring to the device. This is often in regards to the following damages:

  • Broken screens or Chromebook bodies

  • Liquid damage

  • Obvious neglect

LOSS: If a Chromebook is lost, it will be replaced at no expense to the student or family. Subsequent instances of a lost Chromebook will result in replacement of the device and the following fines:

  • Second loss of Chromebook: $150 fine

  • Third loss and beyond of Chromebook: $300 full replacement cost

In the event that a lost Chromebook is recovered in working condition, fines assessed to the student will be refunded.

THEFT: If the Chromebook is stolen, the Beaverton School District will require that a police report be filed. Fraudulent reporting of theft will be turned over to the local law enforcement agency for investigation. Students making a false report may also be subject to disciplinary action.

REFUNDS: Students who return their Chromebook during the first three weeks after starting school may apply for a refund if the Chromebook is returned in the same condition as when checked out.

Things to Avoid

As mentioned in the above summary - every student gets a single 'free pass' on one damage incident (unless that damage/incident is clearly due to misuse/abuse). Beyond that one free pass fees and fines will be levied to the students account. 

Our staff want to work with students whenever possible to avoid fines and fees, but the following issues are all avoidable and will typically result in a fine or fee:

  • Liquid Spills - Keep liquids - sodas - water - teas - coffee - etc. at an arms length from the chromebook. Liquid spills are not repairable and result in a total loss of the unit.
  • Crushed bodies / damaged hinges / shattered screens  - A backpack with a padded laptop section is recommended. Jamming a chromebook into an overly crowded backpack can result in damage.
  • "I loaned my chromebook to ....... and it came back (damaged - messed up - etc)". The chromebook is checked out to the student and the student is responsible for its care. 
Student Tech Support Team

Chromebook Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems with your Chromebook, please bring it to the Library Media Center for assistance.

The Student Tech Support Desk in located inside the Media Center. Volunteer students help answer questions, troubleshoot Chromebook issues, teach students how to change their password, and repair iPads & Chromebooks. It is usually open before school, during both lunches and during AT.

Students are encouraged to fully charge their devices at home, shut them down regularly so updates can be installed, and carry them in a padded backpack to prevent damage.