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Chromebook Information

With the advent of COVID-19, Beaverton School District's use of chromebooks for all students radically changed. Chromebooks are being asked to do more and more. If you have questions or issues this is the place to visit for immediate help.

See more information on the District Chromebook website

Chromebook Status

DO NOT POWERWASH - Please do not powerwash your chromebook as it creates many more issues than it solves AND the student will locked out until the device can be re-enrolled by SHS staff. Most of the time slowness or flakey operation can be fixed by clearing the cache (followed by a restart) or doing a mainboard reset. See videos below

Current Issues: - Chromebook not Charging - We are seeing many of these reports each week. Many of these can be corrected by doing the Mainboard Reset as detailed in the video below.

Current Issues: - Zoom Crashing - Beaverton School District and districts around the country are seeing student chromebooks crashing or loosing the Zoom connection when teachers share their screen. For example when a teacher Zooms with 20 or 30 students and shares their screen - a handful of students may have this issue.

We are in contact with Zoom engineering on this and their initial request is for students to do the following BEFORE joining a Zoom class:

  • Close any uneeded browser tabs prior to starting the Zoom meeting.
  • Especially stop any other streaming services on the chromebook such as Netflix, Spotify, etc. 
  • Do not use a virtual background as this really increases the system workload.
  • When possible students should Zoom with the power supply attached and plugged in.
  • Start each day of classes by restarting their chromebook which will clear out any lingering Zoom remnants from the previous days work.

Update 12-10-20 - Zoom last told us to expect a Zoom app update in December - we are contacting for an update status.

Chromebook Known Issues and Fixes

Zoom Status - Canvas Status - Google Status

Find out if these resources are up and working or down and not available. If one of these services is down all you can do is wait for them to fix it. We cannot do anything in these cases.

Zoom Status

Canvas Status

Google Status