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Career Education Credit

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Career Education is not a class for which students can forecast.

Students use their own time to do work in CIS to earn .125 Career Education credit each year as required for graduation.


How do students earn Career Education Credit?

By completing all the CIS Career Plan Phases each year on their own time.  Maybe during School breaks, Supervised Study or Access Tutorial?

How do students find CIS?

In the BSD student apps.  Parents can use CIS too. 

Guest Username = sunsetHS

Guest Password = apollos

What if students can't log on to CIS or have questions?

Open  the “Class of” Canvas page and go to Career Education module.  Or stop by the CCC. We are available when students are in school.

How do students know if an assignment is completed?

There will be a check mark in the circle of the CIS Phase. 

What if students complete an assignment and it’s not checked?

Students may need to either: check the box “Mark as done” or write another sentence or two since there are required word counts.

What if students don’t complete all or any of their CIS assignments this year?

They will receive an I or N for Career Education on their transcript this year, but they can complete the activities next year.  But they shouldn’t wait, the activities are quick and interesting.

What if students didn’t complete CIS assignments last year?

Classes of  2023 & 2024 had CE credit waived for school years 2019-20 & 2020-21, they are not required to complete prior year CIS phases.  However, they might do the inventories & surveys to help decide what they might like to do for a career.

How do students know if they will earn CIS Credit?

Go to your CIS Dashboard. 100%-90% will earn you .125 credit that is awarded at the end of second semester.