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Academic Program Guide 


Academic Definitions & General Information

The Semester Calendar

The Semester Calendar

Sunset’s school calendar is 36 weeks long and is made up of two semesters. Each semester is 18 weeks long. Grade reports are issued at 9 week intervals. A progress report is sent home to families midway through both first and second semester (at week 9 and week 27). These reports serve as updates on a student’s progress and are not reflected on a student’s transcript. Grades are posted on transcripts only at the end of first semester and the end of the second semester (at week 18 and week 36).



Credits are the units by which academic progress is measured. Students earn .5 credit by passing one semester class. Each semester students can earn a potential 3.5 credits for a total of 7.0 credits per year. Students need 24 credits for graduation in accordance with District graduation requirements. 

Academic Standing

Weighted Grades

Graduation Requirements

Athletics/Activity Eligibility

Course Repetition

Class Attendance

Withdrawal from a Class/Schedule Changes

Additional Course Work/Credit Recovery

Student Placement

Recommended Course Sequences






Duel Credit and Honors Program

We are working to put our complete Program Guide on our new site and will complete this work during the Summer.

Part of the guide are available now online - here is a printable PDF temporarily available.