Summer School

Sunset High School will be offering summer school courses as part of a larger Beaverton School District program. We have a variety of courses available this summer. The information below should help you sort through the types of classes to decide which is right for your student.

1. Credit recovery courses   These courses would be available to any student (9-12th grade) who has previously taken a course and received an F or a D. The course will be taken again by the student in the summer and on the transcript the original “F” grade will be replaced with an “N”. The course will be listed a second time on the transcript, this time with a “P” (Pass).

If the student anticipates receiving an “I” (incomplete) for this spring 2020 semester, they can also enroll in summer school and convert the “I” to a “P”. For more information about this option, you can talk to your counselor or email the summer school coordinator.

For grades 9-11 each course is $100 and is a 0.5 credit. The courses offered are:

World History 9, 10

IB History SL

Lit/Comp 9-12

Health 1 and Health 2

STEM Chemistry/Chemistry 1

Biology 1/IB Biology

AGS 1, AGS 2, AGS 3, AAGS 3

Physics 1


2. Original Credit     The two courses we are offering this year are Health 1 and Health 2. You may choose one of these two classes. Students often choose to take this course in the summer so that they may have an extra open slot in their schedule next year for a desired elective. Each course if 0.5 credits and costs $350.


3. ISV Math Courses (World Language is not offered in Summer 2020)    These courses are highly accelerated math courses that require students to learn an entire year’s worth of math curriculum in ~8 weeks. Students who enroll in this course should be very strong math students who are highly motivated. This course will earn 1.0 credit and may allow the student to advance to the next math course in the sequence. Advancement is not guaranteed; it will depend on how well the student does in the summer course and the recommendation of the summer teacher. An ISV course should not be taken in combination with any other courses as it is a full time course. See here for FAQ.

Each ISV math course is 1.0 credit and is $700. The courses offered are AGS 2, AGS 3, AAGS 3.


4. 8.5 Transition Course   This course is a credit-bearing course that incoming 9th graders can take in order to become more acquainted with Sunset High School. This course works to develop relationships between teachers, students, and peers. It works on self-advocacy skills, previews some course curriculum, and explores what it means to be an Apollo. This course is recommended through the 8th grade middle school counselor. If interested, please reach out to your middle school counselor for more information.

Once you have decided which course is right for your student, proceed to the registration page. You will select either “Register for ISV” OR “Register for Summer Programs”. ISV is only for the accelerated math courses, summer programs are all other courses offered.

Once the course is confirmed by the summer school coordinator and counselor, the course fee will be posted to your account and an email will be sent to you. Once the sections of the course are formed (close to the start date of the course), the summer teacher will reach out to students with more details about the course schedule.

Additional questions? Please contact the summer school coordinator.

If a class does not fill, it won’t run