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SHS student join book club

Joining a club is a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills, and boost your college application and resume.  Being part of a student-run club or organization is an enriching experience. You owe it to yourself to try them out.

Information on clubs and sports for the 2023-2024 school year can be found here. Contact advisors through our Contact section of our Sunset site.

Club Name and Description

Staff Contact


1.AEMBot Robotics Club

Discuss strategy, develop skills, build robots

Andrew Gunsul

2.Alzheimer's Society of Awareness 

To volunteer, support, and spread awareness for people with Alzhimers disease.


Matthew Burg

3.Art Hearts

Prep for National Art Honor Society. Participating in art contest, service activities, and shows

Fee between $5-$15

Aubrey Park

4.Apollo Photography Club

The Apollo Photography Club is for students looking to enhance their photography through workshops, discuss and share their work, and more! This club is for anyone, regardless of their skill level. 

Eloika Rozendaal

5. Arts Mentor Program

Peer mentor program for the arts

Aubrey Park

6.Asian Student Association (Asian Club)

Asian countries, snacks, and crafts

Ari Werthamer


7. Black Student Union

Organize events, discussions and activities celebrating Black culture. Raise awareness about racial issued while promoting unity amongst the Black community and others

Chris Scott

8.Boys Volleyball Club

Volleyball practice/ scrimmages, with 1 organized tournament hosted by sunset 

Kristin Lowery


9.Bug Club

Learning about entomology and raising awareness about insects 

Tamsen Profit 


10. Chess Club

A casual place for anyone to play and improve at chess.

Kristin Berti 


10.Chinese Culture Club

Holiday and cultural activities related to China. 

Andrew Brown 

11.Chinese Heritage Society 

We provide incredible volunteer opportunities, cultural exposure, leadership roles, PVSA certification, and more. 

Steven Hurin

12.Clean Trails 

Gather to walk along local trails and nature areas to keep them clean and welcoming. Make friends while geting volunteering hours, spending time outside, and discovering local hiking trails.

Christopher Downie 

13.Clean up Crew

Making the community cleaner and more enjoyable 

Nichole Sather

14.SHS Climate Club

We are a collaborative club seeking to learn, spread awareness, and organize projects that invite everyone to get involved with!

Andrew Brown


15. Cloud Nine Foundation

A nonprofit organization aiming to provide local and regional hospitals with resources from fundraising and donations.

John Barnes


16. Cloud 9 Club

We will be watching movies, reading literature, and journaling on topics surrounding mental health, along with creating different self-care routines.

Nichole Sather

17. Coding 4 Community 

Learning web-design, HTML, CSS, Java Script in a coding environment 

Cady Geer


18. Comic & Worldbuilding Club

We'll spend time creating our own  stories and characters, fleshing them out. There will be time for drawing. Also, we’ll go over paneling and character design. 

Ari Werthamer


19. Communities United 

Making care packages, serving food to the homeless, donating to organization 

Stacey Freeman

20. Competitive Programming Club

Members will go over practice material for programming competitions through fun and challenging activities

Jason Galbraith

21. Crochet and Knitting Club

Learning to crochet and knit, along with meeting new people. 

Ellen Tevik

22. Crochet for Change

Learn how to crochet, donate projects to people in need, sell crochet products, etc.

Nicole Taylo

23. Cricket Club

Giving people opportunities to try new sports and have fun

Mary Tassone

24. CyberBORN


Help underserved members of our local and global communities pursue education and other necessary resources. 

Hibaq Adan


25. DECA

Business  club to 

further skills and gain experience. 

Nicole Taylo

26. Children & Infants International PDX Youth Club 

Volunteering and Fundraising for the DCI organization 

Aubrey Park


27. Drama Club

Play theater games and meet fellow thespians. And to meet the community/ make friends.

James Farmer 

28. ESL Assistance Club

We find tutors who can speak multiple languages to provide  academic support for ESL students.

Deborah Wells 

29.Ethics bowl

Discuss real-life ethical issues in a competitive yet collaborative environment 

Marin Langner

30. Everybody Athletics

Volunteer at EBA and fundraise.

Stacey s


31.Fellow Christian Athlete Club (F.C.A)

Christians who are athletes (don't need to be Christian) come together to play games,  read the Bible, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Jeremy Cox


32. Fab Lab

Fun engineering activities to inspire high schoolers to pursue the STEM field

Catherine Geer


33. Fem Academia 

Learning more about feminism and the artists that spread it. 

Caan Zarosinski 

34. Film Club

Watch, learn about, and create films with others.

James Farmer 


35. Flag Football 

Involving more of the community to play football, and make it inclusive. Learn the art of football. Like an extension of powderpuff 

Andrew Gunsul

36. Flow forward (Sunset Period Club)

Aid feminine products to local women’s shelters/organizations in need

$10 dollar fee (optional)

Tricia Buell


37.. French Club

Learn about and celebrate French culture. 


Karen Schaer-Arib


38.Gaming Club

Hang out, play video games, and have fun.

Mary Tassone


39. Girls who Code

High school students sign up to teach elementary/middle school girls about coding.  Open to all students

Jason Galbraith 


40. Health Awareness Club

Broaden and develop health awareness by being an advocate for change through events such as workshops, seminars, fundraising, writing articles and more!

Trcia Buell 


41. Heart To Heart 

Creating medical innovations to support cardiac patients through their recovery journey, fundraising, and raising awareness of cardiovascular diseases to bring light to their world

Matt Burg

42.Helping Children Worldwide

Working with the organization Helping Children Worldwide, we will work to help support children living in Orphanages through gathering supplies, awareness, etc. HCW’s goal is to work to minimize the millions of children who are placed into orphanages when they still have living family and/or  parents, “a strong family for every child”.

Eloika Rozendaal 



43.. Helping Hands

Volunteer with children and senior citizens in memory care through arts and crafts, games, storytelling, dances, lunch dates, and more!

Lynn Horihan


44. History Bowl


Compete in the National History Bee, the National Geography Bee, and the National Science Bee at the Oregon Regional Tournamnet in February 2024.

Dennis McLain

45. HOSA: Future Health Professionals

Competitive medical club for everyone interested in the healthcare field with a 3-day overnight conference in the spring.

Club Fees: $50 + Competition Cost  

Sarah Bell


46.Hope for the Homeless

Raising money and creating care packages for people in need

Eloika Rozendaal 


47.Humane Society Club


Raising money for and donating to the Oregon Humane Society 

Eloika Rozendaal 


48. Japanese Club

Learn and explore Japanese culture 

through food and traditional activities.


49.Jesus Pizza Club

Bible study while eating pizza

Elizabeth Adams


50.Junior Statesmen of America (JSA)

Discuss politics, awareness and involvement with debates, speakers, and conventions.


Optional Fee: $150 for conventions 

Mary Chamberlain

51. Key Club

Develop your leadership outside of school through community service.

$15 dollar fee 

Tamara Kinoshita



Competitive Sunset club team

Emily Arellano

53. Card Games and Statistics 

Using card games to demonstrate statistics 

Andrew Gunsul

54.. Latinos Unidos

Learn about and celebrate Latino American cultures.

Joseph Brunson


55.. Learn To Be

Tutor disadvantaged students online for free using learn to be platform.

Erin Werner

56.. Let’s Start Nail Art

Learn how to create gel nails and express creativity through nail art

$3 cost to participate

Anthony Burton

57.Love of Learning 

Planning various STEAM outreach lessons to teach elementary schoolers.

Chris Downie

58. Machine Learning Club

A place where members of all levels can come to learn and work on machine learning in Python.

Galbraith Jason 

59. Me2u club

We will be doing about 4 drives this year for local organizations this includes drives for food, clothing, books, etc. We hope to get more people involved in the community and living sustainably.

$10 dollars participation fee




60. Mock Trial

Learn about legal processes, working on trials, and competing in a real courtroom setting. 

$85 Club Fee

Lad Salness


61.Model United Nations (MUN)

Increase your awareness of global events by modeling the UN.

Club fee: $50

Dennis McLain


62. Multicultural Club 

1- Exploring cultures and countries. 

2- Raising money for kids who have been separated from their parents due to deportation. 

Giselle Rincón

63. Muslim Student Association

Dedicated to unifying Sunset’s Muslim community through discussions, volunteering, and learning about Islam.

Nasteha Mohamed 


64. National Economics Challenge Club 

Team for Participating in the national economics challenge 

Dennis Mclain

65. National Honor Society

Join this prestigious academic club to help better the community by participating in various service projects, volunteering opportunities, and donation drives! 


Erin Werner

66. National Technical Honors Society 

A chapter of a nationally recognized honors society, this non-profit club is dedicated to providing career opportunities and scholarships to students interested in exploring different career fields.

Fee to NTHS: $35

Conrad Buck 


67. The Sunset Scroll (Newspaper Club)


Newspaper Club is a club dedicated to writing the school paper, The Sunset Scroll. 

Caan Zarosinski


68. Noss (Northwest outdoor Science school)

Alisha Harvey

69. NPCF


With the aid of National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, we organize fundraisers throughout the year, spread awareness, and do pediatric cancer related issue activities to gain more knowledge of pediatric cancer. 

Kayla Southall 


70. Outdoor Adventure club 

Casual hikes at popular trails in Oregon on the weekends 


71. Philosophy

A casual time to do homework or draw while casually talking about philosophy

Michele Sandstorm 

73. Pickleball Club

To play pickleball and have a fun sport everyone can enjoy

Nicole Rolleri

74. Prints For Hope 

Create and sell art prints to participate in fundraising and volunteering. Earn volunteer hours!

Aubrey Park 


75. Project PDX

Working with organizations in PDX to fundraise and hold drives for homelessness.

Benjamin Goodwin

76. Project Rise

Take part in hosting fundraisers along with empowering small businesses through donations and support

Vanessa Mcdonnell

77. Rocketry Club

Learn the basics of rockets, how to build them, and then launch them. Might be $20 fee

Andrew Gunsul

78. Rho Kappa

A nationally recognized honor society for social studies. We focus on addressing a variety of issues around our school and community such as education, equity, and other topics

Bryan Lurie

79. SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)

We aim to build a loving and safe community for all people, especially those identifying as LGBTQ+. We discuss current events while improving our school and the world around us. 

Mr. Dessert


80. Science Ambassadors

Teaching 5th graders science

Mary Tass

81. Science Bowl


Practice science bowl questions

Tamsen Profit

82. Science Fair/Research Club


Complete independent research and earn prizes!

Korin Riske

83. Science National Honor Society Recognition for scientific excellence through science-related activities including outreach, volunteering opportunities, guest speakers, and presenting lectures.

Christopher Downie 

84. Self-Improvement Club

Collaborative space to help each other maximize productivity. Learn time management and deep focus techniques applicable to homework and any other productivity-based activity.

Colette Cassinelli 

85. Sharing Sweetness

Sharing a passion for baking through community service.


Nicole Rolleri 

86.  SISA (Sunset Indian Student Association)

Fostering a vibrant community that celebrates and promotes the rich diversity of Indian culture through engaging activities, informative discussions, cultural experiences, and more! And to just have FUN!


Erin Werner


Saudamini Chinchalkar


87. Ski Team

Ski race team competing in Metro league 

Caan Zarozinski


89. Speech and Debate

 Become the best speaker/debater you can with Sunset S&D! A great opportunity to go to big tournaments and join a thriving community. 

Macie Mackey

90. Stock Market Game

Participation in the economic competition InvestWrite.

Dennis McLain

91. Sunset Cares

Fundraising and building care packages for foster children and families in Oregon through EveryChildPDX.

Kristin Berti 

92. Sunset Comedy Club

Teaching people how to be funny 

Conrad Buck

93. Sunset Design Club

A graphic design and digital art club for members to learn about design and create their own pieces through club projects and community opportunities. 

Mary Tassone 

94. Sunset Math Club

The club as a group will seek to help each other with challenging math homework problems, ranging from AGS to Calc 2 problems. And there would be competitions happening if you would like to participate in. 

Preparation for ACT/SAT.

Denise Williams 


95. Sunset Mental Health Association 

Education of mental health, relaxation, planned out of school activities, and fundraising 

Andrew Gunsul

96. Sunset Powerlifting Club 

Members will get the opportunity to learn about/ compete in powerlifting competitions 


USPA Mebership fee- $45

Mario Martinez 

97. Sunset Racquetball

Club focused around playing and competing in Racquetball at state and national level

Jeff Clark

98. Sunset Reads

Reading & discussing different books as well as book genres, participating in community activities to spread a love of reading.

Colette Cassinelli

99.  Sunset Red Cross

Completing service projects, fundraisers, and other club activities. 

Club Fee: $10

Brian Everett

100. Sunset Rehab Help

Prepare/creating fundraisers to raise money for rehab facilities

Kyle Hebard

101. Sunset Science Olympiad 

Compete at the annual scioly competition held at U of P

Jason Galbrith 

102. Sunset Student Union

Giving High school students a voice in the policy making process in schools, district, and local levels 

Todd Sherwood

103. Table Top Gaming Club

A place to play games like Dnd, Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering, etc…

Sofia hussain

104. Taekwondo Club 

Teaching people the basics of Taekwondo 

Nicole Sather 


105.  Ultimate Frisbee Club

Our club is called Ultimate Frisbee Club, and we meet up on the Sunset turf fields from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm every Friday to play ultimate.

Eloika Rozendaal 


Tamara Kinoshita

106. Voice In Sport

Bring more visibility to the issues and challenges for women in sport and elevate their voice.

Montana Mcnealy


Fundraising and donating all the money to children in war-torn countries.

Caan Zarosinski 

108. Young Life

Hang out, play games, hear stories, and learn about Jesus.

Curtis Fowler 

Jewish Student Union

Bryan Lurie

Neurodiversity Club

Erika Schwartz